Early Preparation Saves Time And Money!

Geelong Furniture Removal Truck and Ramp

13:53 04 April in Our Moving Advice! by beckleys

Preparation is the key to a stress free environment on your ‘Removal Day’. Something as simple as saving some car spaces out the front of your house on the morning of the removal can make the job so much easier. Quite often our clients don’t have big enough driveways to cater for ‘off-street’ parking for the truck, so our suggestion is to reserve some car spaces out the front of your property the night before by parking your own cars there.

This way when the removalist arrive you can simple move your car somewhere else whilst freeing up the space for the truck. It would be ideal to have two or three car spaces reserved if possible to allow adequate space for the truck and ramp.

This tip is useful at both the pick up address and the destination address. It can be a good idea to politely ask your neighbours to do the same thing for you at the destination address.

Clients moving to and from the suburbs with narrow streets and limited off street parking should consider this on their day of moving. It is also a great idea to ensure that the access to both of your properties is adequate. If there are narrow walkways beside the house and side fence with overgrown shrub, trees or grass this could cause a problem. Either the removalists will look for an alternate access route or spend some time preparing and improving the access to the house. This is time that would be better spent (and paid for) in actually moving the furniture.

Some common scenarios to look out for are:

– Overgrown shrubs or trees that protrude onto walkway.

– Long thick grass

– Wet or muddy walkways

– Angry dog that is not secured. (does happen!)

– Unwanted cars taking up the key parking area

– Too many packed boxes placed right in the doorways and walkways. Sometimes, the  boxes are not the first item to go into the truck, so they shouldn’t be in the way.


– Try to keep the passages in your house free from furniture and boxes. Keep the walkways clear.

– Mark the boxes clearly with which room they need to go into at the new location.

– Inform your neighbours about your move. (especially if a big truck is required).

– Do a tip run with all your unwanted items before the removalist turn up. Even better, donate them to a charity!

– Prepare your access from both your front and back doors.

Remember! The better prepared you are for your removal the less time the removlists will take and therefore it saves you money!