How To Pack And Transport A Flat Screen TV

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04:50 22 June in Our Moving Advice! by beckleys



Moving a TV

The final product, with TV all secure!

At Beckleys Transport & Logistics we take pride in moving our clients possessions safely and through years of experience have some little “tricks of the trade” that we use.

Often our clients are worried about their new Flat Screen TV be it a Plasma or LCD. We the flat design of the TV’s these days they are actually easier to transport. In the video above you will see one of a few different techniques we use to ensure the safe transport of a Flat Screen TV.

By securing the TV between two mattresses which are also tightly secured to the wall, the TV is completely protected and surrounded by two big mattresses. This technique works a treat, and goes a long way to easing our clients concerns when they witness the care we take with such fragile items.