Moving Safely with Beckleys

The act of pulling up stakes and leaving your homestead is not a casual one. Most people would be surprised at just how many ‘things’ they have accumulated between the walls of their home, and sorting the lot of it in to a format conducive to packing it in to a van is tough. Not to mention, there are always mixed emotions about leaving a place where you, and your family, created memories.

These issues are what make it so rewarding to operate as a furniture removalist in Geelong: our mission is to smooth out the edges of what is a stressful time, for both you and your family. We are there to ensure that at the very least, the more physical elements of the move are not impacting upon your state of mind.

It is no secret that moving heavy furniture and appliances leads to plenty of injuries. The sudden and impactful ‘pulling’ action, of shifting large and awkward objects, ends in many missed work days annually, with backs and shoulders bearing the brunt of the onslaught. This is mostly due to improper lifting techniques and overenthusiasm. Regardless of where it comes from, it can lead to you spending the first few days in your new home in considerable discomfort.

Our homegrown business ensures that our furniture removalist technicians are not merely moving muscle. They are here to act as a helping hand to you and the home, to serve it as best they can. And our family-run mentality means we treat both you and your possessions with respect and deference.

There could be little worse than celebrating the beginning of a new phase in your life with a slipped disc. Should your friends pull out at the last second – as people are wont to do during busy times of the year – you could be left doing all of the hard yards yourself. That is when you can hurt yourself. As your go-to furniture removalists in Geelong, we can ensure you stay fit and healthy through the transition.