Tips To Save You Time and Money

time and money

00:42 19 July in Our Moving Advice! by beckleys

One of the most time consuming aspects of moving house can be organising which items need to go where! This is especially relevant when scaling down and moving some of your items into storage and some into your new home. Beckleys Transport Furniture Removalists Geelong have a system that makes your removal run smooth.

At most jobs we find that it helps to have someone dedicated to the job and telling us where the items we are loading into the truck will likely end up in the new house, and likewise directing us at the other end. However, this is not always the best use of your time on the day of the removal.

A great tip that will save you time, the furniture removalists time and therefore you money, is to purchase some coloured sticky labels and put them on the pieces of furniture you need in a specific location. For example: All furniture with green stickers needs to go into storage and all furniture with Red stickers needs to go into the Garage!

This method has been proven to save lots of time on the day of removal especially when there are multiple locations involved. It is also a quick and easy task that can be done the night before the removalists arrive.

Some clients when moving might have multiple locations or drop-offs as part of the removal. Using the stickers can easily identify which items need to end up at which location. This makes the job of the removalist easier as they can pack the truck accordingly. This will save time when dropping items off at various locations because everything is easily identified.

The actual stickers can be purchased from any stationary shop and are very cheap. We suggest grabbing a few colours and sticking them to your furniture the night before. It really does free you up to get on with unpacking once the furniture removalist have arrived at your new location. Instead of directing the removalist with every single item, you can get on with unpacking! Fun!

This is also a great tip if as part of your Geelong removal you have lots of boxes. Of course you can label your boxes but a sticker on the outside can also save you time. Now, it is important to note that we aren’t suggesting you put stickers all over everything. The obvious items don’t need them of course!

So if you are moving and want to make it as easy and efficient as possible, something as simple as some little coloured stickers could save you time and money!!! It’s been work well for our furniture removals in Geelong.